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History of Sciacca
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Sciacca is one of the most attractive cities on the Mediterranean coast of Sicily. Situated on the sea like an amphitheater facing the island of Pantelleria and Tunisia, boasts an exceptional location,
exactly halfway between the ruins of Selinunte, Eraclea Minoa and Agrigento. The citrus scent is captivating in these parts and fits perfectly with the vineyards and olive groves here are a natural place.

Many tourists come here to spend their holidays at sea, attracted by her beauty, the attractions of the city and the proximity to several places of archaeological interest. There are many beaches and all kinds. To the east, the rocks outcropping Stazzone clear waters of Lido, the depths of the sandy shores of tuna and Foggia, the rocky coves hours hours beaches of San Marco, and Renella Maragani, real paradise for divers and swimmers. To the west is the beach of fine sand and Sovareto with those of San Giorgio, Russians and Timpi Macauda.

Sciacca is one of the oldest spa towns of Italy. The Phoenicians and the Greeks have already appreciated the benefits of its sulfur springs. The Romans, lovers of the spa, first exploited for water, which they called Thermae Selinuntinae, and after them the Arabs. The famous hot springs gush out to 6 km at the foot of Monte San Calogero, 386 meters high, which rises in the east of the town.

Today the baths of Sciacca boasts four spas and are among the most popular in Sicily. The thermal resources are many. What makes them unique in the world is represented by the famous steam cave, the so-called Stoves S. Calogero , which are located on the summit of Mount Krone (San Calogero), within which the atmosphere saturated with water vapor reaches a temperature of almost 40 degrees.

The origins of the city are very related to its thermal baths. The first inhabited prehistoric apparently arose near the mouth of river baths, where there are the clay pits and hot springs. Even as some say it has to do with its water. The Greeks called Therma and the modern Sciacca could derive from the Latin ex aqua, or Arabic SYAC (bath) or Xacc (water).

The center houses many works of artistic interest. The heart of the town and the lives of its inhabitants is the Piazza scandal, a wonderful private terrace overlooking the sea. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main downtown street, is lined with elegant buildings. There are many interesting churches and towers also deserve special attention. In the east, also you can see the castle of the counts Moon. The town still shows the walls, dating back to various stages of construction, and the three input ports: Port Palermo, Porta San Salvatore, Porta San Calogero.

The spas, the proximity of the sea, the artistic and architectural elements in the historical center and the quantity and quality of hotels, Sciacca make a place of great tourist attraction. Very popular and ideal for having a long summer vacation here are vacation rentals in Sciacca for superior comfort and apartments in Sciacca.

Maybe you did not know that...

Sciacca is Carnival. The Carnival of Sciacca is a time of great fun and especially great involvement, joy and color. Is one of the most popular events staged at the carnival attracts visitors from all over Sicily and Italy. This year came the edition number 109 which will take place 19 to 24 February 2011.

Sciacca is ceramics D.O.P. Walking through the historical center of Sciacca is impossible not to notice the presence ofof numerous shops selling colorful ceramics with varied shapes and sizes :plates , vases ,amphorae ,statues , tiles and other objects . The ceramic Sciacca has ancient origins and is the flagship of artistic and craft of the town. In this regard, the district of the craftsmen at the foot of the old town is worth a visit.


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